Ours is a young team with a vast and rich experience to our credit. Some of the professional attainments of our team are listed below. Additionally, there are some case studies to depict the areas where our improvement approach can be deployed to gain benefits:

  • Experience of having designed & conducted simulation exercise to draw Lean concepts of flow, pull, Hitori Yatai Seisan etc.
  • Carried out several projects, reducing defects using techniques like Differential Diagnosis
  • Improving quality standards through principles of First Time Right (FTR) and Dr. Deming’s rules of quality
  • Projects undertaken for Inventory reduction and management.
  • Undertaken layout improvement - achieving a productivity increase of 50%
  • Implementing 5-S across organization through a well laid down roadmap and audit structure
  • Improving lead time, productivity and quality through Waste elimination
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  • Equipment, preventing need for investing Rs. 3 Crore, in new equipment using Genchi Gembutsu Principle
  • Mixer Turn Over (MTO) in paint manufacturing plant: from 5.5 to 7.1 in a span of 2 months, leading to improved mixer efficiency by 30%, resulting in plant producing volume of 536KL against rated capacity of 450KL
  • Swiss plant of a major supplier to aluminium foundries worldwide, reducing manpower requirement from 3 operators to 2 operators (50,000 USD per annum), and reduced space of 100 sq. mts. in a span of 5 days
  • Sales of a leading international retail chain for fashion garments, resulting in the store sales rising to rank 2 (India) from a ranking of 4-5 over a period of 2-3 months