The single most crucial aim of any business is to make money – both in present and in future. This requires businesses to take short to medium to long term measures. And with a constancy of purpose towards improvement - as laid down by Dr. Deming, the renowned quality guru.

At such a stage, organizations require a culture with the right balances between:

  • controls and belief & boundary system based delegation and liberty
  • adopting quality and productivity oriented culture and at the same time cost consciousness
  • rapid changes and sustenance

Thus business excellence is a journey and strong management commitment not just by support but mainly through action.

The vision of the journey needs to be clear to all, for every person in the organization to be on board. This is done through a well chalked out roadmap prepared in conjunction with a client team of senior personnel.

Besides, some companies have long had a culture of following best practices. These companies are quite evolved and adept with the problem solving tools and techniques. But owing to reasons like attrition, lack of re-fresher trainings, change in industry scenario, etc the pace of improvements tends to slow down. This also averts organizations from realizing good potential of their human capital and achieving quantum leaps in performance.

Business Excellence “Next Level” intervention aims at assisting such organizations sustain and advance their best practices through a well suited framework and assessment of the organization using guidelines from some of the established models.

  • Guidelines are framed to suit the organization’s culture, industry etc. jointly with senior representatives from client organizations
  • A step by step assessment and gap identification is carried out for different levels of business excellence
  • Required training / guidance is then provided in areas where gaps are identified
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