• Executive Development Tours
    ACT endeavors to provide a unique opportunity to get a firsthand exposure to good practices across industries through various means and forms:
    A tour to Japan for executives is exhaustively put together into usually a week long itinerary giving the participants insights to various large and mid-sized Japanese companies including Toyota Motor Corporation, Denso etc. Participants get to understand best practices in different industries and environments through a well designed module. These modules are a combination of industry visits, theoretical inputs and activities. Such tours also provide good networking opportunities.
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  • Participative Forums
    Enabling client teams to participate in various recognized forums, competitions etc. This encourages the various initiatives undertaken by them and provides right kind of exposure to various client employees at all levels.
  • Training Modules
    Different approaches for conducting various forms of trainings such as, classroom and simulated trainings, operator trainings etc have been evolved over a period of time.
    Full-fledged management development certificate course are available to train people along with guiding on practical application through encouraging live projects in participants’ respective areas of work.
    We also assist with customized training modules that can be created to suit the participant profile.
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